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    Hi Friends In struts if we are using the two struts-config.xml files then if you send or received any request or response then is it search for all the xml files or can we restigate to one struts-config.xml
    Let me know.


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    If you are using multiple Struts config files as peers then the list of actions that will be used at runtime is the combination of the actions from both files. If the same action name is present in both files then the one from the last file will be the one used.
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    Iam new to Struts....can u please tell me something about web.xml & struts-config.xml

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    The web.xml file is the standard servlet configuration file. You need it because every struts application is also a servlet application. You will need to add some basic config to the web.xml file to use Struts to process your requests. Any struts book or guide will tell you how to do it, its pretty boilerplate. The main decision you will have to make is how the Servlet engine is going to tell your action classes from everything else. The two usual approaches are to map everything starting a certain path as a Struts Action, like "/appname/Actions/*". The other is to use a special extension (usually .do) to indicate that requests. Once you have this set up the servlet engine will process all of the Action requests using the Struts Controller. After this point you can usually leave the web.xml alone. There isn't much more to do there.

    The struts-config.xml is the main configuration file for Struts. Its where all the struts Actions are defined and what JSP pages are used to display them. You will need to read the docs on how to setup that file, its got a lot of options in it.
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    Does the config file should be named only struts-config.xml or any other name... ?
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    yes we can take the another name but we have to configure it in the web.xml file config WEB-INF/manojtyagi.xml
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    web.xml file is the deployment descriptor known to J2EE server and struts-config.xml is just a parameter value to servlet with name config. If the servelet is the action servlet from struts then it loads the file and recognizes the configuration provided to Struts.
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    i want to use html:rewrite tag alone in my web applicatin is there any way to use that alone. if yes how to configure that in my tomcat 6 application