Allaire is bought out by Macromedia


News: Allaire is bought out by Macromedia

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    Allaire (JRun Server, Kawa IDE) has been bought out by Macromedia (Flash, Shockwave, Dreamweaver) in a deal worth approximately 360 million in cash/stock.

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    How will this affect Allaire's future Java product offerings?

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    I am sure that this will help JRun achieve more market share. Macromedia is a GIANT in front end web development, with them officially supporting JRun and integrating it into all of their offerings, JRun usage will skyrocket! Not to mention Macromedia's powerful marketing machine!

    This is incredible news! First Brokat buys Gemstone, then HP Buys Bluestone, now Macromedia buys JRun. This should definatley skew Giga's marketshare predictions for 2002.


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