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Performance and scalability: Websphere Portal vs SharePoint

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    I just would love to have some feedbacks on the compared features of Websphere Portal and SharePoint. My own limited experience tends to indicate that SharePoint as a lot more functionalities and is user friendlier, as well as faster most of the time since a webpart can be moved without reloading the page.

    What do you think of these two products yourself?

    Thanks for your help
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    We've used WebSphere Portal 5.1 for a Project and the product has some nagging issues (bugs) but we just went around them.

    WPS especially when used with RAD RAD is a cantakarous environment - lol.

    in regards to comparing it with sharepoint, it basically boils down to the following question - Do you have a heterogenous environment? (or is it all MS Products / Active Directory based?)..

    If so, pick something else aside from Sharepoint - it doesn't work well with others (especially if you rolled your own authentication system).