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    Hi all,

    When I first started using J2EE several years back, I learned how to surface application logic in a JSP page with a "useBean" directive and scriptlets. Later, I learned how to use Struts actions and finally I learned how to make a Tag library and use JSTL.

    After that, my work began to focus more on the middle tier and database tier; for several years I basically worked on EJBs and didn't do much with web pages.

    Now I'm looking to get back into web site development and finding that there are a host of new things people are using, like Tiles, Spring, Velocity, Java Server Faces, Webwork and Tapestry, to name a few.

    My question is: what was wrong with Tag libraries? I thought they were a pretty darn good solution when I learned to use them. Not hard to write, simple to add to a web page by non-programmers, and unlike Struts, the web page developer can combine multiple applications on a single page by including their tag libraries as he sees fit. I'm fairly inclined to just keep using them.

    Is this a mistake? What will I lose by not using these newer frameworks? Which of the ones listed above are worth my time?

  2. I agree you pointment
    I like to develop system by taglib
    I don't like to use Struts ,sprint and so on

    taglib is very userful tech in jsp/servlet
  3. But you can use taglibs with the frameworks too

    http://www.servletsuite.com/jsp.htm - taglibs :-)
  4. I love taglibs[ Go to top ]

    I have also tried to steer away from frameworks, instead developing several reusable tag libraries. I'm not sure it beacuse I think it's the best thing to do, but rather I don't want to spend countless hours learning a framework to discover it's no better than what I'm doing already. I do believe that in another year or so I will be learning JSF.
  5. Personally, I like templated view layer, such as velocity and freemaker better. First because their grammar is simpler. Take Velocity for example, #set($foo="foo") is the definition of a variable named foo. #foreach..#end is the loop and so on. Besides, velocity treat variable like a common java object( like to output $foo.toString()). That's really convenient.