Migrating from Weblogic to Websphere (IBM redbook)


Performance and scalability: Migrating from Weblogic to Websphere (IBM redbook)

  1. IBM has released this redbook, why anyone would like to do such a migration I can't even imagine. Downgrading from EJB 1.1 to EJB 1.0 it makes you laugh. The must funny part of it all is when the IBM-guys try to migrate SUNs standard Java Petstore sample app to Websphere.

    I quote "You will see that one of the main differences is that no recompilation is required for the WebLogic installation. The WebLogic deployment page provides easy step-by-step instructions that work well." Then they start counting the huge amount of changes required to make it work on Webpshere.

    Another funny quote "The EJB stubs and ties must be generated by either WebSphere or VisualAge for Java. One advantage of using VisualAge for Java is that it
    has a superior test environment. Unfortunately, we had problems trying to use VisualAge for Java for EJB deployment and test. At the time of this writing, there was an outstanding defect which causes VisualAge for Java
    to hang during EJB deployment. We also tried using the deployment code generated by WebSphere as input to the VisualAge for Java test environment. We ran into serialization versioning problems. We were forced to choose WebSphere for deployment code generation."

    Well time for IBM to learn about their own products..


    You can read the redbook here:
  2. I haven't gone thro' the IBM's redbook or whatever but wanted to shoot a possible requirement of this migration.

    I was involved in developing a web application using EJB/Weblogic. Once we completed this app. a particular client (Big one) for this product is paying to migrate the product to Websphere. Apparently they are IBM friendly.
    Aparently they have to run around 30 instances of the app server to facilitate their international business and they found Webshpere to be much cheaper in this particular situation. Well, what I am trying to say is that there might be business reasons for this migration.
  3. Yes I understand that there might be situations where you have to do this kind of migration. And I found the redbook very well written. If IBM put as much effort in improving Websphere as in writing thoose redbooks they will soon have a decent server.

    In fact one of the reasons why to migrate to Websphere they mention in the redbook is: political. Not a big surprise but funny that they mention it. One of the migration reasons they don't mention: Websphere's superior standards compliance (me ironic ;).