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    A session bean tracker and 2 entity beans employee and timesheet.Both the entity beans are local EJB objects.Employee has one-many CMR relation with timesheet.

    The tracker bean creates a local timesheet instance and passes it to employee.The employee retreives the timesheets collection ,and adds this instance to the collection.

    If i populate the members of timesheet bean in ejbcreate,i get the error ===>
    javax.ejb.EJBException: [EJB:010146]The setXXX method for a cmr-field that is mapped to a primary key may not be called. The cmr-field is read-only.

    So i remove the population to ejbpostcreate.However in this case,i get the error===>
    In EJB 'TimeSheet', the primary key field 'date' was not set during ejbCreate. All primary key fields must be initialized during ejbCreate.

    how can i pass a timesheet instance from tracker to employee and ask it to store it into the timesheets collection.
    All beans have CMP.
  2. In EJB 'TimeSheet', the primary key field 'date' was not set during ejbCreate

    You need to set the date dield in the ejbCreate method of the Timesheet class.
    In the ejbPostCreate() of employee bean do somethign like this :

    InitialContext cntx = new InitialContext();
                TimesheetHome timesheetHome = (TimesheetHome )cntx.lookup("TimesheetHome");
                Timesheet timesheet= timesheetHome.findByPrimaryKey(pk);

    Here you can se the CMR filed(timesheet).

    Hope it helps.