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    hello experts,
    I need to make a login component that will check for username,password and if it is valid then it slould be directed to the suitable page.Again it should also check for the user who is already logged in but at the same time some other user has logged in with the same username,password .My login component need to refuse loggin to this another user.

    So my Query is that how to do this.What bean should i use,entity or session.I also need to track the session.

    pls send ur responses .....
    Thanx in advance

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    December issue of JavaPro magazine has exactly what you're looking for. www.java-pro.com Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can get to source unless you're a subscriber.
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    I guess that if you make your bean class singleton that can solve the problem or there is another way but that is like...........^&%$..........what u do is in the ejb load of your bean call the ejb remove and set TX_READ_UNCOMITTED so now no one else is gonna see u'r record and cannot login
    but then this table canbe used only for the login and in the end after the login is performed, call ejbCreate
    on the same using the current user name and passwd....
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    Your requirements doesn't necessarily require EJBs necessarily - use an application scope JavaBean in your JSP which maintains a list of who is logged in.