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      I am using jsp's to generate dynamic wml code
      I am also using HTTPSession to maintain sessions
       Everything works fine on simulator.
      The Problem occours when we actually test our application using wap enabled phone.All session value are lost and session value returns null.
       I even replaced all session objects with cookies for session management (which again runs fine on simulator) but fails on actual phone.
    Please reply....
    Sanket RAut

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  2. Does the phone support cookies? You'll probably have to use URL re-writing to store the session key rather than a cookie.
  3. Yes, do not use cookies. Switch to the URL-rewriting

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    Hey thanx for your reply.
    It worked ;-)
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    I'm having a related problem. How do you fix it?
  6. Hello , I am new to jsp as well to wml too .. Problem is with Session variable . the page on which session variable are made , they are extracting on that page  easily .... but on other pages ...they contain null values ...i am not able to get inserted values .

    function used to set and extract session values :

    session.setAttribute("sessumobile", user1);

    <p>Name  : <%=session.getAttribute("sesspassword")%></p>     respectively //used on next page .

    please help me out .

    thanx in advance .