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    Has anyone come across any good strategies/articles on how to have a single web app serve several different businesses?

    I would like to customize the look and feel for each business but maintain only one code base. To further complicate things, logins are not required.

    Any suggestions?


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    a) take the same code base and export different WARs and substitute images and CSS files while building the war with the application specific when the web apps just should share the same code but are completely separate otherwise

    b) let several domains point to your web app and evaluate the host name/host header of the request to determine which domain the app was called with and judge on that which design to show

    those are just the most simple solutions...

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    Thanks for the reply. I have been toying around with both your ideas. Each have their benefits and drawbacks.

    Has anyone else done something different?

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    Try and generalize the concept of language dependent message resources that you can use for example in Struts. Besides having a key and Locales identifying your resource, add a new key - brand - which would be a value that the client sends to your application.

  5. You can use frames. Keep the Header in the main frame and in the child frame put your webapp content from your application server. Host the landing pages in an external webserver which handles only branding pages (most commonly headers).