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  1. Andy Oliver has blogged that "HTTPClient shouldn't be in Jakarta Commons because it doesn't suck."
    So I know that commons being "stuff that sucks" is an unfortunate twist of how things went at Apache. On one hand it was made easy to start a Jakarta Commons project. On the other hand it was made very difficult to start a Jakarta project and a gate was put open and then later partially cracked. However, now Jakarta projects are discouraged and thus everything requires board approval (or at least acquience) to be a top level projects...but not Jakarta Commons projects. Thus commons quickly filled with sub-par things...

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    This was a rant. Absolutely nothing concrete was said.
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    Definitely not the high-water mark for Java blogging...
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    why hello! ;-)
    Definitely not the high-water mark for Java blogging...

    It may not be high water, but it was funny.
    Certainly the subversive last line.
    Either that, or the next version needs to suck.

    Beware of high waters - you might drown.
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    It's easy to say "this sucks" it's less easy to explain why with well documented argumentation ?

    When somebody says "commons-logging sucks" as an architect I listen because I use it on my projects. But I really need a well documented argumentation to understand why I should not use it. In this case...nada.
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    So I also want to appologize, I didn't intend for this post to get picked up by TSS and I wrote it under "code" instead of "rant" because it related to what I was doing. I have blogged more technical posts and written more constructive emails in the past explaining in more detail what sucks about particular commons libraries. However, this post was just me blowing off steam and being happy for HTTPClient. It is also plainly apparent however that much of the so-called Java community takes blogging way to seriously.

    A few notes (I've said more comprehensive things in the past if you care to google):

    * Many of the Commons collections make little sense and microbench rather poorly (I'm sorry I tested for a task at hand and did not prepare anything for publication). There are many better alternatives.
    * The dependency on commons logging causes more problems than it solves: Library-foo depends on commons-logging version XYZ but Commons-foobar which is imported by ZYX requires version XXX. This makes classloader configuration a real joy. It is even worse with J2EE standards where you sometimes have to have the old version of things. A better solution is to provide the sticky goo between the two logging frameworks than a mother of all dependencies hard switch. If you really are passionate about logging frameworks then you need more to do. I have lots of work available for you on either POI or JBoss Mail Server so email me or write in the forum and I'll give you something better to do than worry about JDK logging vs Log4J.
    * The commons pooling and dbcp code does not scale very well. I know this from onsite consulting experience and troubleshooting. Don't believe me, run a high volume enterprise site and watch everything synchronize on it while the pool theoretically has many more things available. Even nicer when the reaperthread deadlocks or dies.

    Anyhow, too busy working on JBoss Mail Server 1.0 Milestone 3 release and on some bug fixes for a SuperLink Software ( client to spend a great deal of time arguing on the internet about one of my silly little rants. Don't take it so seriously, I also suggested that Ted Kaczinski wrote the LGPL and GPL licenses and that TheServerSide was a Microsoft funded conspiracy against open source by getting us to all rely on a service that was always down. If sarcasm and irony bothers you a lot I suggest not reading my blog ( and instead spend time helping write the new izPack-based installer for JBoss Mail Server ( or maybe help with IMAP.
  7. The above said ServerSide as a microsoft conspiracy...I meant sourceforge.
  8. should have been

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    Male Services
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    Ah yes, I forgot to translate it to your level Cameron. My appologies. Did you did know that I coordinated that post with him and we actually fooled Gavin King?

    Gosh, writing documentation is hard ( I should stop, maybe then I could become a commons project!