Why is the Hibernate team so arrogant?


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    I've been using Hibernate 3 for a couple of months now and I like using it a lot. The fact that I don't have to do any JDBC, has saved me a lot of time and make my application code more elegant. Also, I chose Hibernate 3 versus JDO because it seemed like a good/better choice in my initial comparison (of OR technologies).

    However, in using the forums on hibernate.org and theserverside.com, I have come across several postings from the "Hibernate Team" (e.g. Gavin, others) and cannot help but notice how arrogant/rude some of their comments are.

    Although, none of this as been directed at me, I still feel like lecturing the Hibernate Team on the fact that arrogance almost always bring people/companies down.

    Is it just me or have others also noticed what I stated above?
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    I've make some posts replied by the Hibernate Team people. My personal experience is that they are straightforward and fun. I feel no arrogance whatsoever. They hit directly at the core of the problem and that helps me so much.

    =) =)
  3. You are a brave person for bringing this up...

    I got yelled at for early on making too many posts - and 1/3 of my posts were suggestions & help for others (apparently that is not desired in the forums).

    The big thing I noticed is if you don't understand an answer and ask for clarification, they assume you are stupid and get mad at you. I've seen it in other threads and in threads where I have not understood their answers.

    I view hibernate as an orphan project. It works well so I use it, but I figure that there is no support.

    It would be nice though if there was a place to post suggestions/hints for others - so they don't have to go through the same learning curve.

    - dave

    ps - I've received quite a few emails from people saying the same thing you posted.
  4. Glad to read you agree. Here are a couple of posts I ran into just yesterday: