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    I am having trouble getting anything to record with the JMeter Proxy recorder. My app is stricly HTTP NOT HTTPs, I have set up IE to use proxy and specified a port#, then set up the proxy recorder in the worbench to this same port#. I then launch my app in IE, which launches under localhost and the port#, but I get nothing recorded.

    My app does launch a secondary login window in a separate IE browser session... dont know if this is an issue or not.

    I have also tried various port #s none, I just get nothing in the Jmeter test plan.

    Any ideas?.... my backed server is JBoss.


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    Why don't you try first testing to see if the proxy server is working? Just start recording, then browse a site. JMeter should then record the HTTP traffic.

  3. I encountered the same problem using Jmeter.  My jmeter proxy recorder is running smoothly when capturing request to other websites.  But it doesn't work with capturing to localhost.  Any details on this?  Anyone?
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    Even i am facing the same issue. if u get a solution just letme know.