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    Does anyone know of a way to show *and* allow zooming/scrolling on a tiff graphic with a webapp? hard is it to have a web app simply open up a 3rd party tool like "Imaging" that comes with windows?

    Would it be easier to just use Swing and bypass the web stuff entirely? (There's also oracle database access and some filesystem access required, but a fairly simple interface overall.)

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    I have evaluated viewOne, but not used in productionm environment.
  3. Commercial stuff..[ Go to top ]

    Haha, well, the budget for this (simple) project is zero, so anything pay-for is out of the question. :)
  4. How about a swing applet.[ Go to top ]

    Why dont u write your own swing applet?
  5. That's a possibility I guess..[ Go to top ]

    Hmm, that's a possibility... I wonder if that would be easier...

    I'm a little afraid of applets, probably because of bad experiences with them year ago (buggy, slow, crash prone, non-working/loading to begin with, no local filesystem access without a hassle, etc.).

    BUT... maybe those things aren't really an issue anymore, and I really don't need local filesystem access, I don't think. Hmmm..