Open Media Commons turning the tables on DRM


News: Open Media Commons turning the tables on DRM

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    John Bobowicz, in "Open Media Commons turns the tables on DRM," is talking about Sun's new Open Media Commons initiative, geared at developing royalty-free open standards for digital content.

    The primary goals of Open Media Commons are simple:
    • Specify open, royalty-free digital rights management and codec standards.
    • Promote the creation, duplication and distribution of digital content and ensure that creators and owners get compensated.
    • Collaborate with like-minded open-source communities.
    • Influence standards organizations.
    What do you think? Is Sun trying to lead in the right direction here? If not, what would you suggest for DRM?
  2. The debate isn't over[ Go to top ]

    I think that it's generally a good thing to have some open, freely usable standard for most everything. We've already been down the road of a single company or a single interest holding on to a particular format or scheme. This is a problem whether it's Microsoft holding onto office file formats or Apple refusing to license it's fair play technology. I think we shouldn't lose sight of fundamental flaws with DRM. I think the debate should continue as to whether or not we think DRM is something we want before we get into how we should best do it.