AspectWerkz founder Jonas Bonér leaves BEA & joins Terracotta


News: AspectWerkz founder Jonas Bonér leaves BEA & joins Terracotta

  1. Jonas Bonér, founder of the AspectWerkz AOP project which recently merged with AspectJ has left BEA and is joining startup Terracotta. Terracotta uses AOP style techniques to deliver middleware services such as clustering and caching, to applications transparently at runtime. Jonas will still be involved in AspectJ going forward.

    Jonas' new role will focus on product development & architecture as well as technical evangelism for Terracotta.

    TSS asked Jonas about the transition:
    I am very excited about joining Terracotta. Their virtualization server and concept of distributed shared objects (DSO) is one of the most interesting technologies I have come across for a long time, a technology I do believe that it will set the standard for how clustering and caching is done in Java.

    Terracotta's natural approach of transparency and no-APIs is a very much in line with the ideas that Alexandre Vasseur and I have been developing and sketching on the last years, and thinking ahead, I know that there is a lot of things that we could do together that will simplify enterprise programming in Java at large (things that starts with, but goes way beyond, clustering and caching).
    Terracotta recently put out a company blog, and announced v1.1 of their Virtualization Server 1.1.

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  2. congrats[ Go to top ]

    Congrats Jonas for your decission and good luck!

    :alex |.::the_mindstorm::.|
  3. Congratulations Jonas, this sounds like heaps of fun!

    So can we expect AspectWerkz to support neat synchronized, notify() and wait() pointcuts real soon then? :)

  4. Congratulations Jonas !

    These are exciting times for AOP, and I'm looking forward to our continuing collaborations. Best of luck... A.
  5. Thanks a lot guys. :-)
  6. Jonas, allow me to join the crowd and congratulate you. :-)

    By the way, how this will affect AspectWerkz evolution and your work on AspectJ?
  7. Thanks Eugene. :-)

    It will not affect my involvement in AspectJ at all, and AspectWerkz is (still) left to rest in peace...(since merged into AspectJ 5).
  8. I wish he would...[ Go to top ]

    I wish he would have joined Interface21 and issued a press release about the Johnson having a Boner :-)
  9. Humor-challenged?[ Go to top ]

    I wish he would have joined Interface21 and issued a press release about the Johnson having a Boner :-)
    Great, a joke gets marked as noisy while "congrats wish u luck"-type messages in SMS-English seem to be welcome... Pathetic.
  10. Joke? Nope - pathetic[ Go to top ]

    That wasn't a joke - it was just plain rude.
  11. Lighten up, it was just a JOKE on Rod's and Jonas' last names, especially in combination, and I don't believe either of them would be offended by so little, especially because it has nothing to do with them as persons or with their employer, past or current.
  12. I don't believe either of them would be offended by so little

    Are you sure ;-) ?
    Rod Johnson: "neither I nor any of my colleagues have a sense of humor"
  13. Pretty sure[ Go to top ]

    Are you sure ;-)

    Yes. And I think even Bob will forgive me everything if I post a plug for his last books:

    Hint: JOKE!
  14. Congrats Jonas,

      Why did you join Terracotta ? wasn't Bea "THE" company to work on stuff related to AOP ?

    Thank you,

  15. Congrats john. Wish u good luck
  16. Welcome aboard![ Go to top ]

    Welcome aboard, Jonas! We are thrilled to have you on the Terracotta team.

    Tim McIntyre

    Terracotta, Inc.
    Powerful. Natural. Clustered.
  17. Terracota question[ Go to top ]


    Have a quick silly question.
    How DSO avoids Horizontal I/O. Can anyone point out to a more indepth article on how it works and Is there any AOP being/could be used here.

  18. Terracota question[ Go to top ]

    Hi Mag. Terracotta doesn't use AOP per se, though it does do bytecode instrumentation.

    For more information about TVS and horizontal caching, I'd suggest starting with our product guide, which you can download here:

    I'd also be more than happy to answer any other question you might have - feel free to send me an email.

    Terracotta, Inc.
    Powerful. Natural. Clustered.
  19. Hi, I am the Director of Engineering for the BEA JRockit team in Stockholm and I have a few comments about Jonas move to Terracotta.

    First, congratulations Jonas! This is an exciting opportunity to continue evangelizing AOP. I think this is a good move for Jonas, and a good move for AOP and the industry.

    What does this mean in practice?
    Jonas has completed the AspectWerkz/AspectJ merger. He has also done valuable work for JRockit, working with our JVM experts to identify and specify areas where the JVM can be improved for AOP. This input is now integrated into our development plans and our JVM engineers are continuing as before with the implementation. Simply put - We will continue to make JRockit the best JVM for AOP!

    We are excited about Terracotta's comitment to AOP and are looking forward to a close relationship with Terracotta and Jonas.

    In case you are interested in what we are doing for AOP in the JVM - check out this article at BEA dev2dev.