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News: Aqua Data Studio 4.5 Released

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    AquaFold announces latest version of Aqua Data Studio, it's universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Aqua Data Studio is free for personal and educational use. The new release now supports Informix 10, Sybase ASE 15 and MySQL 5.0 and includes many new features.

    New features include:
    • Database Script Generator for full database scripting, including schema DDL and data DML.
    • Entity Relationship Diagram Generator to reverse engineer and layout, visual representations of databases.
    • Procedure Editors to easily editing, compiling and running stored procedures.
    • Visual Explain Whiteboard and Explain Plan enhancements for tunning and comparing explain plans.
    • Enhanced Query Analyzer, Import Tool and Export Tool.

    More features are on the website.


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  2. a good application[ Go to top ]

    If you are dealing with multiple databases, this application is really good. i used it with three different databases without a problem. Congrats. it was a little restrictive on running the SQL scripts tough as far as i remeber (like you need to put spaces, ; cannot be used etc..)
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    This is one of the best database management programs I have used for managing multiple databases. I can't wait to see how the ER diagram generator works. This has been one feature that Data Studio has been missing. Hopefully in version 5 they will add the capability to create an ER diagram and then generate a database from it instead of the other way around.

    Congrats to the Aquafold team for what looks to be another fine release.
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    We use it.

  5. Stored procedures debugging features[ Go to top ]

    Does it support debug options?