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    I am used to do EJB development using Inprise AppServer 4.1 and JBuilder 4.
    So I use the IDE to edit my deployment descriptors.

    I am willing to try EJB 2.0 development using Weblogic 6.0

    I looked in the documentation and there does not seem to be any tool to edit the deployment descriptors.

    Is there a tool available to edit EJB 2.0 Deployment descriptors.


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  2. How about using the Deployment tool for WLS?

    I have tried the DT for WLS 5.1, a really bad implementation, I guess they have improved this tool for the 6.0 release, although I have not tried.

    Anders M.
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    Try going to There is a Web Application that they have written that will generate EJB 2.0 Deployment Descriptors automatically.