Jeceira 0.1.0, Java Content Repository implementation, released


News: Jeceira 0.1.0, Java Content Repository implementation, released

  1. Jeceira 0.1.0 is an implementation of JCR, the Content Repository for Java (also known as JSR-170). The project goal is to create a freely available, fast, and extensible layer for various content dependent applications to build upon. This release has an HSQLDB persistence layer, and has basic features of Levels 1 and 2 of the spec implemented.

    As a 0.1.0 release, it's not "done" but certainly looks interesting. This release adds to the number of JSR-170 implementations available today.

    Are you using a repository? If so, which one, and what are your impressions?
  2. I certainly think that content repositories are very handy. We have created one in RIFE that can use Derby, Firebird, HSQLDB, McKoiSQL, MySQL, One$DB / DaffodilDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. However on top of it we built a content management framework that integrates with the regular persistence layer and allows you to use standard bean properties to store (rich) content into the content repositories. This is done through our constraints meta-data system. Additionally we also optimized them for web usage and several production sites already stream images straight from the database without any effort.

    Being able to integrate (rich) content in a versioned and clearly structured manner has certainly improved our way of working since we now constantly integrate it for customer solution, whereas before when we went into that realm we were always very reluctant.

    More information can be found here on our wiki.
  3. Getting Started Guide for Dummies ?[ Go to top ]

    How does one get started using this ? For example, does anyone have a BBS/forum type application that illustrates how this JSR can be applied to a real world scenario ?

    Getting Started Guide for Dummies would be much apprciated !

  4. Congrats, thats certainly a welcome addition to the sparse world of JCR implementations. Since the Magnolia Content management Suite is based on JCR, we are very happy to have alternatives. We'll give it a spin asap with Magnolia, that should provide excellent feedback

    Boris Kraft
  5. Relation with Apache Jackrabbit?[ Go to top ]

    Is Jeceira a concurrent to Apache Jackrabbit? Or is it complementary? Or is it a different implementation approach? Jeceira is even using the Apache License.
  6. Relation with Apache Jackrabbit?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Benoit,

    Jeceira is meant as an alternative to Apache Jackrabbit. It is indeed a different implementation approach, for example we are currently not using the file system to store the content like Jackrabbit does, although it would easily be possible to write a storage provider that uses the file system instead of a database and plug that into Jeceira.

    So there is no real relation to Jackrabbit apart from the fact that both projects implement the same spec.

    Jeceira is using the Apache license because we think that it is a good open source license, btw =).
  7. JSR-170 on Documentum?[ Go to top ]

    Has any one studied implementing JSR-170 with Documentum?

    Use Documentum as a pure content repository. And possibly develop migrating tools between Documentum and other content respository like this one ?