4Java.ca Web Hosts Katrina Disaster Relief Challenge


News: 4Java.ca Web Hosts Katrina Disaster Relief Challenge

  1. 4Java.ca, Toronto based Java web hosting and professional services provider, has launched the 4Java.ca Katrina Disaster Relief Challenge.

    4Java.ca is challenging all US and Canadian based web hosting companies to donate all new account sign up fees collected during the month of September 2005 towards the relief efforts for Katrina Disaster in United States. Companies are asked to make donations to the organization of their choice, provided 100% of funds will be used towards the disaster relief efforts.

    4Java.ca will donate all new account signup fees to Canadian Red Cross.

    Canadian Red Cross has responded immediately to the disaster and offered full support to the American Red Cross. The Canadian Team is currently preparing to be deployed in disaster areas. The funds will be used by Canadian Red Cross to purchase supplies in the immediate area, thereby reducing transportation costs.

    To join the 'Web Hosts Katrina Disaster Relief Challenge', please email support at 4java dot ca and indicate which organization you will be making the donation to. List of participating hosts will be published on our web site. We are looking towards web hosting industry to fully support this cause.

    Yours Truly,
    4Java.ca Team

    TSS Editor's note: TSS doesn't normally post stuff like this, but we think it's important to contribute to such relief efforts. We didn't say anything that I recall about the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, but maybe we should have. It'd be a great thing if other industries and users would contribute to the Red Cross and other reputable charities as capabilities permit. Human suffering is a drag, no matter where it is.

    TSS Editor's other note: Unfortunately, it has to be said: this news entry does not represent an endorsement of 4Java.ca or any specific charity.

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  2. TSS Editors:

    Can you post this on http://www.theserverside.net as well?

    Gathering of Tsunami relief funds is still underway. You may add a note with appropriate links at both places on TSS.
  3. 'nuff said[ Go to top ]

    URL to a local New Orleans interview deleted by editor.
  4. 'nuff said[ Go to top ]

    Please, let's restrain ourselves from bringing politics on TheServerSide.
  5. 'nuff said[ Go to top ]

    Isn't there an established mechanism that allows the community to mark threads that are not felt to be approproate as noisy? What's the deal with this editorial censorship?
  6. 'nuff said[ Go to top ]

    Isn't there an established mechanism that allows the community to mark threads that are not felt to be approproate as noisy? What's the deal with this editorial censorship?

    You mean you want to mark it as "un-noisy?" I don't think there's a mechanism, no. It's a fair question, though.

    Here's the deal: the URL was to a rather emotional interview with someone in New Orleans. Chances are, if you are interested, you've already seen or heard it.

    I - your Humble Editor - am uncomfortable with TSS being used for politics, no matter what politics they are, or whether I agree with them or not. It's not relevant to TSS' core mission. I debated quite a while before posting this news item in the first place simply because it conflicts with TSS' core mission so clearly.

    However, I felt that charity was more important than clarity, if you will. Thus, I posted it.

    The URL posted was not and is not "wrong." The viewpoint expressed, however, doesn't further the cause of charity, and I'm not going to apologize for holding this thread to that purpose: charity, and charity alone. (Apparently I'll explain my point of view on the thread, but not apologize for it.)

    So if you're upset that the url was deleted, I can understand that - but I really doubt that TSS is your only avenue for finding it. If you're really interested in its contents, email me (jottinger at techtarget dot com) and I'll tell you what it was, and you can find it yourself via the search engine of your choice.
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    Wharever you say, it´s unfair. TSS is not about politics, ok. But charity is not also. Really, would be best to remove this charity thread together. Then we all would be back to the our confortable _virtual_ world again, right ?

    You can not invite people to make donations but also censor what these people think about some real world facts. It was an emotional interview but why should not be ?

    Anyway, people from entire planet is watching this tragedy even before that happens, evebody knew what would happen. Thinking about politics is just a consequence of thinking about these scary facts.

    Any adult should be ok with a bit dose of politics sometimes: usually don´t kill anybody (anymore) and can be a good exercice for our poor brains. Ok, ok, i am speaking about myself.

    So keep doing your good job, but if you are really afraid of eventual political posts, so just don´t create any thread except ones with pure technical subject. Case contrary people will ever try to express their views, and this is a good human behaviour.
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    This is not a phenomenon exclusive to TSS, many other US-based message boards have been bending editorial standards and deleting messages which explore these subjects from wider, more general points of view. Perhaps this demonstrates a need to somehow distribute these discussions to be able to bypass emotional choke points?
  9. Charity vs Politics?[ Go to top ]

    There's some very, very cool discussions on sites like worldchanging.com and some call for help to techies on boingboing.net.

    We can probably avoid using this site as a place for discussion...

    That said, with apologies to Rebecca West, to call for charity is an ugly hack. It assumes it wouldn't be more fruitful to look at the political reasons why so many are dying.

    In other words, to call for charity is to take sides in this debate.
  10. I don't think that TSS is the place for this. We all know that Katrina has happened, we all have plenty of opportunities to make a charitable donation, and we don't need to read about Katrina on here as well as every other news site at the moment.

    Also, I don't know anything about 4Java.ca but this sounds horribly like a cynical publicity stunt - exploiting a disaster like this in order to promote your brand is truly the lowest of the low.

    Sorry if this sounds cold, but TSS is a website about Java. If this is fit material for TSS then where are the postings about last year's Asian tsunami, or Typhoon Talim which is currently ripping through China? Better to stay away from this kind of stuff and let the mainstream media cover it.
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    I think that this content can be somewhere else. I come to theServerSide for it's content.
    If I wanted to contribute to getting America back on it's feet, I would look for other sites.
    I think that this thread should be removed.
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    Trying to be on both topics (Katrina and technical), here are two links that I believe are relevant:

    A Google Maps wiki on Katrina:


    Google's efforts on Google Earth:


  13. Off Topic[ Go to top ]

    My point exactly.
    If I wanted to know about the destruction and violence in an American state, then I probably would not got to www.theServerSide.com.
    I would go to one of your sites

    >> A Google Maps wiki on Katrina:
    >> http://www.scipionus.com/
    >> Google's efforts on Google Earth:
    >> http://earth.google.com/katrina.html