Cenqua is proud to announce the public availability of Subversion support in FishEye (currently in beta).

You can now get from your Subversion repository what FishEye has been providing for CVS: easy navigation, powerful search, historical reports, advanced file annotation and diff, change-set analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with your issue tracker.

Subversion-specific features in FishEye include:
* support for the Subversion network protocols, so FishEye can run on a separate server to your repository
* understanding of the branch/tag structure of your repository, promoting your Subversion tags and branches to full first-class citizens.

Download a free, fully functional evaluation version:

Read more about Fisheye features:

Play with the online demo:

We happily support Open Source software and invite Open Source projects to apply for a free license for Fisheye:

The Cenqua Team