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    Exadel Studio 3.0 is a rapid application development tool for creating web applications using JSF and/or Struts. It integrates into Eclipse 3.1 and is released free of charge.

    The following are some features highlighted at their website:
    • Project development support for JSF, Struts, Spring and Hibernate
    • Code assist and code folding for XML and JSP files
    • Full instant synchronization among editing modes
    • Flexible and customizable project template management
    • Design-time JSP preview
    The Pro edition, which costs $99, adds features such as dynamic code assist for JSF artifacts, a diagram view for JSF navigation, a visual Tiles editor, Hibernate 3.0 support, and WYSIWYG JSP features.

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    I just installed the evaluation of the Pro version.
    I am quite oblivious to JSF, except for the basic concepts of managed beans and flows (from a 5 minute read of a quick-start and previous experience of Struts and Spring).

    I have to say, I am quite impressed!
    I had my first few forms and page flows up in no-time.

    I currently have no use for JSF in my work (doing backend integration), but after the evaluation period I just may buy the Pro version anyway because I may find use for it, and the price falls just below that $100, so it isn't that painful to pay (I usually go for 100% open source stuff).

    Great product!
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    The hibernate stuff is pretty good too. Pair it with Hibernate tools.
  4. I have been using Exadel quite a while[ Go to top ]

    If you do heavy JSF or Struts editing this is currently probably the best low cost solution you can get...