Magnolia For Digital Media: easily edit digital media directly in your browser

Magnolia Organization today releases the beta version of "Magnolia for Digital Media". It is the first time that film, image and sound data can be edited directly in a web browser. Magnolia For Digital Media thus significantly speeds up and simplifies the processing and management of digital media data.

Knowledge transfer between university and business
Magnolia for Digital Media is derived from ’magnoliaQT’, a thesis under the supervision of Thomas Martin in connection with a three-year Interaction Management study at Hyperwerk/FHBB. It was created in collaboration with experts of obinary ag and Anthony Rogers, the co-author of QuickTime at Apple and Head of Science at the London multimedia agency tomato.

What can Magnolia do for Digital Media?
Film data can be cut, scaled and compressed directly in the browser and published in various interpretations and formats. As is customary with Magnolia, handling is extremely simple. It is possible to cut images per dragging an image cutout and setting cut markers for sound or film data by mouse click.

What are the special advantages of Magnolia for Digital Media?
Magnolia for Digital Media is envisaged on one hand for the management of marketing and sales material, company presentations and online training. Magnolia for Digital Media on the other hand permits online-publication of multi-media data in less than no time, bringing decisive speed benefits when reporting on current events. Finally Magnolia for Digital Media benefits all who work professionally with digital media and would like to publish films, images or sound online.

Magnolia Content Management Suite: flexible foundation
The foundation of Magnolia for Digital Media is the Open Source Content Management System Magnolia of the Swiss obinary ag. Magnolia for Digital Media thereby demonstrates impressively the expandability of the Magnolia Suite, which already covers Web Content Management, document management, business process navigation and workflow-supported electronic forms.

Magnolia for Digital Media combines tried and tested software packages, functions and expansions to a flexible, simple system. The linking of Apple's QuickTime Technology (basis for the MPEG-4 standard) on the server permits browser-based preparation of the multi-media contents with marketed browsers. An online demo version is available for those interested:

Magnolia For Digital Media is available immediately and free of charge.

Further information about Magnolia For Digital Media can be obtained at
Further information about the Magnolia Suite can be obtained at


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