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    I developed a web-based application. in that only registered user only able to login. my problem is..,

    Suppose, logged into the site by the user x , and open another browser and logged into as another user called y,(both are registered users) then, when i open the first browser do some action over there by clicking the link or by just click refresh icon, then second user details are appearing in the first browser . This is happing in Mozilla FireFox only. In IE i am not getting this .

    I tried with firefox 1.0.4 and 1.0.6. In both cases, this is happing. Why this is happening??
  2. Maybe because of the use of cookie for session tracking, so the second session change the same cookie created by the first session.
  3. Your web application is on what technology. Are you using struts?

    How are you opening the second browser. I mean are you doing CTRL-N.?
  4. If you are using cookies for session management. Name the cookies with the name of user+some counter. when ever you create a cookie it creates the file in temp internet files directory. Where it may be overwriding the existing cookie of user X.

    You have to manage this through cookies or directly use URL rewriting session mechanism for session tracking.

    Abhijeet Mahalkar.