Javalobby Launches Subversion-based Collaboration Platform


News: Javalobby Launches Subversion-based Collaboration Platform

  1. JavaLobby has launched "," a project repository meant to stand alongside similar repositories such as,, and other such repositories. Differentiators include the use of Subversion for source control, and support for continuous integration.

    It's still in beta, so some features may not be complete (or offered yet, such as CVS). However, it offers automated builds and integrated JUnit testing, so it may be an easy way for open source projects to get hosted continuous integration features.

  2. Great site. Having a issue though. I set up a project, connected via Eclipse, added a file, and when trying to commit I get the message:

    commit -m "" C:/eclipse31/workspace/WebWorkout/src C:/eclipse31/workspace/WebWorkout/src/
        Adding workspace/WebWorkout/src
        Adding workspace/WebWorkout/src/
        Transmitting file data ...
        A repository hook failed
    svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: MERGE request failed on '/svn/WebWorkout/trunk'
    svn: 'pre-commit' hook failed with error output:
    Connection refused

    any ideas?

  3. Hmm, very strange, I was able to commit things just fine yesterday. When did you get this error? Earlier today we were adjusting some things networking related and the site may have been inaccessible for a few minutes.
  4. Fixed connection refused[ Go to top ]

    Hi Eric. Sorry about that. It appears to have been related to the work we did this morning. I just ran a test and everything appears to be working. Thanks for reporting this, it was an odd side effect of making something else work :)
  5. Thanks guys. It works now.
  6. "No access to source code"?[ Go to top ]

    I got the message "No access to source code" on a couple of projects, and I can't see any downloadable around.
    Isn't it an open source hosting site? Am I missing something?
  7. Project source can be protected[ Go to top ]

    It looks like some projects have their permissions set so anonymous user cannot view the code. Try to create the account and join the project (like javaforge). That will give you access to more artifacts and you will be able to file bugs and engancements (e.g. for javaforge).

    There does not seem to be download farm like in sourceforge, but you can create document(s) with your installer, zip, jar or whatever and the document than can be downloaded by your users/customers.
  8. Requests for javaforge[ Go to top ]


    I can't seem to find where I can add a request for javaforge itself. I'm sure its there somewhere.... Right ??