to use Entity Bean or Oracle stored Package?


EJB design: to use Entity Bean or Oracle stored Package?

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    Currently, in my project, Weblogic8.1 and Oracle is used, but lots of business logic is implemented using Oracle stored Packages, many of these packages have a package level small readonly lookup table(like index-by table or nested table), which is populated with data from database, once the package is called, and is accessed very often in subsequent calls of stored procedures.

    Since, in Weblogic server, a connection pool is maintained, and those package level lookup tables would be stored as session data in oracle PGA, I'm afraid this might cause oracle database server to be overloaded.

    to fully take advantage of middleware cache service that weblogic provide, should I move those business logic out of oracle and implement them using like read only entity bean?

    any help appreciated!
  2. Hi,
       Putting the business logic in the stored procedure doesn't sounds that good. It will bemuch faster as compared to entity beans but depends that how manu PL/SQL programmers are there in your company.

    Entity beans isn't that good option and you may want to move your businees logic in session beans..

    Hope it helps.