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     Could any one of have an idea of how to refresh part of HTML like <div> rather than refreshing entire page.
    To avoid flickering of the page.


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    How can I do this using XMLHTTPRequest?
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    You can find it in webwork2.2 whitch has ajax(xmlhttp) support
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    You can refresh a particular portion of an HTML page without refreshing the entire page,

    If you are using XMLHTTP;

    Call a function with setTimeOut(), which invokes the server page, and brings back the data (XML Document) to the browser, and then you can re-render the contents inside the DIV.

    If you are not Using XMLHTTP, but normal http requests,

    You can have an inlineframe <IFRAME></IFRAME> and use a function do the reload of the portion at intervals.

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    See for example AjaxDiv in Coldtags suite: