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    JRun team is conducting a survey to get the users' feedback. This feedback will be very valuable in deciding features for the next JRun release (codenamed - Cheetah). The survey is available at:

    The survey is very concise and will take 5 minutes to fill in. JRun team requests you to kindly visit this link and fill out the survey.

    Thanks for helping us in making JRun a better product.

    Rajendra Khokher
    JRun Engineering Team

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    Beta release of next version of JRun appserver, code named Cheetah, is available. Adobe JRun Team is inviting serious evaluators to give feedback on this beta release. Contact 'vrreddy at adobe dot com' to be included in the Beta program.

    We believe Beta of JRun Cheetah is reasonably stable and reliable. And we plan to reward those who prove otherwise. We intend to give away fully functional JRun licenses to the users who report highest quality issues during the Beta.

    What More ! We are throwing open a JRun Sample Apps Challenge. We invite the beta users to develop sample applications exploiting the new JRun Cheetah feature sets. The best apps developed by you will be rewarded, and on qualification, will be featured as part JRun releases in samples section.

    Write Code, find Bugs ! Help us serve you better.

    Vijayan Reddy,
    Adobe JRun Team.