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    The Java In Action event, held October 5-7 at the Disney Yacht Club in Orlando, featured a vast array of technical, hands-on presentations, training modules and a unique group design workshop in which attendees had the opportunity to work together with experts to create a real-world online ticketing application. Some of the topics covered at the show included aspect-oriented programming, performance tuning & optimization, AJAX, Spring and the iBATIS persistence framework.

    Download the presentations here.

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  2. The presentation for "The Server-side Architecture Behind OpenLaszlo Applications" that can be downloaded here as a PDF is the handout version, it's not really intended to be watched as is.

    You can find a more detailed PDF and the complete movies and Keynote files here:

    This should be a lot more useful.
  3. Where is the audio presentation ? Just pdf wont help :(
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    Wow - you sure need eyes better than mine to read the code on these tiny slides.

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    Why dont use the "zoom-in" feature of acrobat reader [confused]
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    Why dont use the "zoom-in" feature of acrobat reader [confused]

    Have you tried this? Zooming in makes the code bigger and fuzzier with no gain in readablity. [/confused]

  7. squint, squint, no use[ Go to top ]

    half the spring presentation is code... and unreadable code at that. please redo the slides so that they are one slide per page or something more useful. thanks.
  8. If you want my presentation, "Web Services for Java Developers" in power point format you can grab them at http://netzooid.com/jia/jia.ppt.

    The code and xml should be more readable then the pdf versions. Hope you find them helpful!
  9. Link to code not working[ Go to top ]

    There's a link to the code for the presentation that is not working: http://netzooid.com/jia/code.zip
  10. AVI recordings[ Go to top ]

    Hi all,
    any chance for AVI recordings as well (please take a look at torrents for movies from JavaZone conference in Oslo).

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    Hi !

    To the folks who wish to DL:
    Before you wait a few hours downloading a recording from the JavaZone conference in Oslo, I would just like to point out that they're not in English !!!

    It would have been nice to know;) I waited eagerly for the download to complete (Rich Internet Apps from Anders Noras) only to find out the bad news :(

  12. Multimedia presentations similar to JavaOne or JavaPolis will be more helpful.
  13. The slides from Naren Chawla's presentation "look" awesome, except that the Diagrams are not readable at all. It would be great to have clear pictures, and other details on this presentation.

  14. Illegible slides[ Go to top ]

    Sorry about the illegible slides.

    We accidentally posted the handout versions and not the originals.

    We'll post the more legible versions shortly.

  15. are the slides available?[ Go to top ]

    just wondering if the slides are available?
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    I remember there should be a presentation "Developing Next Generation Web Applications with Ajax in Spring" by Mr. Matt Raible . But I cannot find this in the list. Other presentations are not talking about Ajax. (But the event said some of the topic covered AJAX. ) Thanks!
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    Was there a presentation my Matt Raible titled "Comparing Web frameworks ...." ? I couldn't find it here.
  18. Missing session ?[ Go to top ]

    Yes Matt presented "Comparing Web Frameworks". Try this link https://equinox.dev.java.net/ framework-comparison/WebFrameworks.pdf. BTW, Did you work in Singapore, PSA.