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News: Apache Continuum 1.0 Final Released

  1. Apache Continuum 1.0 Final Released (16 messages)

    The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Continuum 1.0, a continuous integration server with support for Maven 1 and 2, Ant, and shell scripts. It now provides the following features:
    • Support for Maven 2.x
    • Support for Maven 1.x
    • Support for Ant
    • Support for shell scripts
    • Tight integration with Maven SCM via Subversion, CVS, Starteam
    • Web-based setup and interface
    • XML-RPC and SOAP interfaces for integration, automation and remoting
    • Mail Notification
    • IM notification
    • IRC
    • Jabber
    • MSN
    • Blame Mechanism
    For a complete list of changes please refer to the complete changelog.

    To get started with Continuum take a look at the download and install instructions as well as the getting started guide.

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  2. clearcase support[ Go to top ]

    A lot of clients I know, work with clearcase. I guess I could not use Continuum at this moment because of that.
    Is Rational Clearcase support planned in the near future?
  3. Bravo Emmanuel ![ Go to top ]

    do you have any time to put that in place on AceTP ?
  4. Re: Bravo Emmanuel ![ Go to top ]

    do you have any time to put that in place on AceTP ?

    Sure, if you contact Mergere (http://www.mergere.com).
  5. Bravo Emmanuel ![ Go to top ]

    Laurent, tu n'ai jamais rependu a mon email!

    Continuum looks interesting, I've always used CC so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

  6. Bravo Emmanuel ![ Go to top ]

    Oui, Bravo Emmanuel!

    I'm looking forward to installing it at your former place of work.... BTW, I'm joining your former team next month!
  7. Re: clearcase support[ Go to top ]

    A lot of clients I know, work with clearcase. I guess I could not use Continuum at this moment because of that.Is Rational Clearcase support planned in the near future?
    It's planned for a future version. We use maven SCM (http://maven.apache.org/scm). Some commands are missing in clearcase provider for adding it in continuum for the moment.

    The full matrix : http://docs.codehaus.org/display/SCM/SCM+Matrix
  8. Cruise Control[ Go to top ]

    How does Maven Continuum compare against Cruise Control?
    What are potential benefits for us to migrate to new CI tool?
  9. Screenshot or demo system?[ Go to top ]

    Is there a screenshot or demo system running somewhere we can look at? I couldn't find anything on the continuum pages.
  10. Re: Screenshot or demo system?[ Go to top ]

    We have a demo site with guest access (http://maven.zones.apache.org:8080/continuum/servlet/continuum)

    We'll add soon screenshots on continuum site about project configuration, admin configuration ...
  11. tried it today[ Go to top ]

    In short, this is not worthy of a 1.0 label. I don't know who tested this stuff and voted it ok but read below for a usecase that it should IMHO have handled a lot more gracefully. And please consider this constructive criticism, I really appreciate the efforts of the apache foundation and its members.

    OK, I downloaded & installed it. That's as far as the documentation gets you, there is no more than that. It's being suggested that you might be able to get an ant project going and that it somehow supports subversion so I went ahead. None of the documentation actually tells you how. There are no screenshots of the UI on the continuum site.

    I figured out myself there would probably something running at localhost port 8080. The userinterface looked simple enough. I can see the lack of an immediate need for documentation here. So I went on to create a project for our svn+ssh project which should be built with an ant rebuildall.

    Here the bugs start to occur.

    #1 I enter the password for the svn url, it's visible plain text. I don't like that, use a password field and don't display my password, which is in fact the password for my account at work, to the whole world.
    #2 In the subversion world the distinction between url, root and branch is nonsensical so why exactly do I have to distribute this information over three fields with confusing labels? I just want a single field with the svn url. I don't want to guess how to split it up.
    #3 Lose the maven scm url scheme and provide a dropdown for selecting version management system, this will also allow you to address problem #2 properly. Different version management systems have different ways to configure them, the scm url abstraction breaks down here.
    #4 OK I've got my project defined, lets try to build it: poof. At least that what it says in the log, the user interface doesn't notify me things went wrong, or why. In fact it took me about twenty minutes to figure out it actually said poof in the log and didn't actually do a thing even though it keeps telling the build is in progress.
    #5 Worse, I have no way to cancel/restart/fix the build. Restarting doesn't help. The GUI keeps informing me the build is in progress (nothing is happening, no files appear where they are expected, no cpu time seems to be used by the continuum process: it's dead). Shouldn't functionality to deal with this kind of situation be in the UI?
    #6 Stopping a lengthy build that you know is going to fail/has failed should be possible. That's pretty much core functionality for this kind of software.
    #7 I click on start build several times (frustrated now) the build is now 'in the queue', nothing is happening. Where's this queue thing configured, how you bump stuff to the head of the queue?
    #8 I spotted a nullpointer exception in the log. Nullpointer exceptions are embarrassing, it means you made some wrong assumptions somewhere. It's especially embarrassing if they happen in a simple usecase as described above. Shouldn't happen.

    Some theory, the subversion implementation probably requires commandline tools for subversion, I'm on windows. I have cygwin for commandline stuff (with svn) but no dos version of commandline svn. The documentation doesn't mention any requirements for commandline stuff. Why doesn't it just use the tmate 100% java OSS implementation of subversion? In any case, if something is wrong with my configuration, which is more than likely given the lack of documentation on this very issue, it should tell me something like: couldn't find svn.exe, svn+ssh suppport is not implemented, whatever.

    So shift delete on the continuum directory. I'll check back later when it's been tested properly and when someone bothers to expand the documentation to at least cover the basics of dealing with the simplest usecases such as described above. It's unusable in its current form and needs lots of attention before I can replace the cron job that currently does the nightly builds.
  12. probably wrong theory[ Go to top ]

    m2 uses the tmate implementation in its ssh transport layer (I even think it's a plexus component). I doubt very much that continuum doesn't use the same components.

    Have you tried to hang on #continuum ? I am sure the guys there would have helped you.
  13. No didn't look for help[ Go to top ]

    I probably should have looked for help. But then it probably should work as advertised as well, if it's a 1.0.

    All together I spend about an half an hour on it and decided that at this point it wasn't worth more of my time. I'm sure all the issues I found can and will be resolved eventually.
  14. connaissez vous un outil comme continuum, qui aurait sont propre client CVS, comme eclipse ?

    do you know any tool like continuum, which has this own client's CVS like eclipse ?

  15. There's a basic feature comparision matrix for CI and Build management servers. You should be able to find a couple that do both Maven and CVS over there

  16. it's planned to create pure java cvs and svn clients
  17. Hudson[ Go to top ]

    Sorry for a shameless plug, but Hudson is another such continuous integration system.