Porting from Weblogic 5.11 to Bluestone UBS 7.2


Performance and scalability: Porting from Weblogic 5.11 to Bluestone UBS 7.2

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    HI ,

       We are currently on standalone weblogic( 5.11 ) platform running JSP
    and EJB. We are moving to production environment shortly with Apache as
    Webs Server ( SUN- Netra , Solaris) and Bluestone as AppServer ( SUN -
    E220 , Solaris). We are planning to run our JSPs also on blustone itself.
    This leaves us with very little load on the Web Server ( Netra). We are
    currently looking at how best we can fine tune performance under this
    environemnt. Looking forward to any suggestions.

    The configuration we have are :

    Web Servers - 2nos ;
    Netra T1 Model 105, AC, 440-MHz, 512-MB, 1Pack; 1-2MB Ecache, 512-MB
    memory, 18-gb/10000-rpm SCSI disk

    App Servers - 2nos ;

    E220R Server, one 450MHz UltraSPARC-II processor, 4 MB E-cache, 512MB
    memory,18GB 10, 0000RPM,1"inch high internal Ultra SCSI, internal
    DVD,Solaris Lic,one pwr supp,10/100 Ethernet (stand confg)

    Thanks in adavance


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  2. nice dude[ Go to top ]

    How do you know the performance ratio of 5 is caused by JSF not partly by Seam?

    Anyway, I won't bother with your JSF 1.2 benchmark since JSF 2.0 has been out for a long time. Have you heard about Partial State Saving?