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    Hello, we are building an automation software. We are planning to have a browser based front end. User will create a "workflow" like diagram user our User interface.

    What is the best way to do this? If you have used bea weblogic, the process flow diagrams is something what we are looking for. Basic idea is to have user generate this entire ddiagram on front end and we pass the resultant flow chart(workflow) as simple xml data to the backend for processing.

    Is it possible using applets/pure-html or something similar??

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  2. Hi;
    You can use XMLHTTP for this scenario, though you need to write a lot of javascript to customize and make your application user friendly. There are emerging technologies like AJAX but I dont know the degree of flexibility provided by Ajax , especially for your requirement.
    You can render div's inside the browser and give capability to the user for dragging, moving the digram etc and update the server side through XMLHttp by determining the relative position or action taken by the user.
    I personally would love to do such work;)

    Applets can also be useful, but there are a lot of stuff you can do with Dhtml.

    Mind you..! make the javascript completly W3C compatible..!

  3. mxGraph[ Go to top ]

    In case anyone is interested mxGraph ( probably fits the bill.
  4. Open-jACOB Draw2D[ Go to top ]

    Hi, seen drawing and graph library on or which is under LGPL this case you can use it for your commercial project too. greetings Andreas