WebMacro 2.0, templating system, released


News: WebMacro 2.0, templating system, released

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    A production release of WebMacro Version 2 has been released. WebMacro is an open source templating system with a small scripting language, and served as the inspiration for Apache's Velocity. It's been quite some time (a few years!) between releases; it's good to see that stable projects are viable and growing as well.

    245 Unit Tests have been executed against this release. All tests and source compile and run against JDK 1.4 and 1.5. New features are in this release supporting demanding text applications such as AJAX applications, code generation, and inversion of control.

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    I used WebMacro on a project a *long* time ago and found it a pleasure to work with. However, looking at it again now I don't understand the justification for using this compared to JSTL for example. What are the benefits of the WebMacro approach?

    Andy Grove
    CodeFutures Software
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    Is there a web-agnostic version of jstl? How about a version of jstl that doesn't, like, suck mondo mango?
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    The advantage in favor of Webmacro is that it is a scripting-language and that it can't be manipulated by a non programmer. That is the disadvantage for any solution based on JSP, like JSF, JSTL and so on. Personnaly for me, JSP is the dirtiest thing the Java-community has,but things are going to get better.

    If you've got an environment where designers work with stuff you made, you just cannot depends on vocal agreements not to do things. You want to be sure! So that's where a good scripting engine like Webmacro comes in handy.
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    BTW WebMacro supports JSP tags better than JSP itself.
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    No one should be shocked to see I totally agree with your criticism of JSP/JSTL/EL.

    The EL can't introspect arbitrary object methods, only collections and "beans". Why did they restrict beans? Stupid.

    Use this, OGNL (which tapestry uses) or Velocity rather than JSP/JSTL. Unfortunately, JSP and taglibs has much better IDE/tool support. Bummer.

    No one has said what this release adds, and if it leapfrogs Apache Velocity. How 'bout a feature list?
  7. WebMacro vs FreeMaker[ Go to top ]

    Has anybody enough knowledge on both systems to offer a comparison?