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    BEA has released a rebranded version of its recently purchases M7 NitroX tool, called BEA Workshop 3.0. It now has support for WebLogic Server 9, as well as support for WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat and others. For more detail, read the following blog and FAQ.

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    So is the original BEA Workshop history now? What is the impact on BEEHIVE?
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    Try Google and among other things you'll find:

    Someone affiliated with BEA might be able to clarify even further.
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    NitroX is joining the BEA Workshop family. The original Workshop product is currently evolving to be eclipse based as was demonstrated in recent BEA World events. Since NitroX is also eclipse based, you can connect the dot's into 2006 for the family reunion. ;-)
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    We're now offering BEA Workshop with multiple versions. What we announced today is the version with support for building web applications on WLS, Tomcat, etc.

    The M7 acquisition allows us to produce *both* a blended environment as well as an environment which supports Beehive. Beehive remains alive and well and has recently gone to version 1.0. The edition of BEA Workshop with Beehive will reach technical preview in a few weeks, and beta after that.
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    Does any body know whether NitroX supports spring capabilities.

    If not , Is BEA is going to provide that as a part of BEA Workshop ?
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    According to rumours this should be available Q1/2006
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      BEA has demos and samples available today at:

    And you can also use the publically available Spring IDE plug-in available at:
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    Don't forget to read the posted above.
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    Sounds like a marketecture integration at this point. I worry about the Websphere-style integration in name only.