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  1. In "Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?," James Strachan asks "...if the world really does go Ajax or some kinda client technology very Ajax like - will that cause these traditional HTML/HTTP web frameworks to become legacy?" His point is that with AJAX, web applications can be largely static, with AJAX providing the interaction, and backend services providing everything else - avoiding the need for a web framework.

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  2. Yepper[ Go to top ]

    I have created a little framework for building web interfaces using REST and xsl. I have no need for anything that stores client state on the server. My last three java based web apps provided nothing but a single index.jsp, a group of stylesheets, a series of servlets which returned xml, and of course css. So for me, yes, the web frameworks are tired and old.
  3. Not really[ Go to top ]

    I still use the Struts framework for the bulk of an application and utilize AJAX-->servlet where it makes sense like with dynamic fields.
  4. I think we are at the beginning[ Go to top ]

    I agree with James' take on Ajax. It redefines the request-response paradigm for the developer, even more so for the user. I think these frameworks will absorb the Ajax model and extend themselves onto the client side. mvc is mvc
  5. i believe, this will not make end of web frameworks but AJAX will be used in conjuction with these frameworks.. ideally in environments where performance is the bootlenak, there AJAX will play a signifacant role...
  6. I hope so ...[ Go to top ]

    things like jsp , php and asp are overated and soon to be obsolete .

    Asp.net , tapestry and other component oriented frameworks are however great for developing AJAX based webapps .

    I've been playing with tacos ( tacos.sourceforge.net , ajax components for tapestry ) for a few weeks now and it looks very promising .
    The other day I was talking with someone from an old place of work , where they use asp.net and they too have recently purchased a comercial set of ajax components for asp.net .

    Ajax might kill some frameworks and older paterns , but it will open the door for new and improoved ones .

    I'm looking forward to the times when we'll be able to build web apps in something like swing .
  7. JSF[ Go to top ]

    What about JSF ?
    In JavaServer Faces you can build web applications like in Swing.

    here are some examples of MyFaces Tomahawk components:

  8. JSF is right up there with tapestry .[ Go to top ]

    I see lots of skepticism against ajax , but I think with a well thought of architecture behind your ajax web app things might work out .

    Using a JSF like web framework is part of that good architecture .