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    I want to write an entity bean exhibiting the following features:

    1. Should load all rows from a table periodically.
    2. Should not contain any finder methods, since it would
       call ejbLoad for every row in the in the table,
       resulting in an entity bean. In other words I dont want
       create entity beans for rows. Just deal with result sets.
    Can someone suggest a solution.


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    are you not talking about a session bean with a time out all you need to do is renew the session after the time out and take care of relaoding it.
    The beans or java objects can be held in the session context in a collection.
    I have not implemented this but will be interested in seeing your comments if you are sucessfull in doing so.
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    If all you want to do is return result sets from queries, basically to do only finder type operations, why use entity beans at all?

    Dave Wolf
    Internet Applications Division
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    Forget entity beans, just use a session bean.

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    what about refreshing data.