Microsoft announces Java Migration Path for .NET


News: Microsoft announces Java Migration Path for .NET

  1. Microsoft announces Java Migration Path for .NET (9 messages)

    Java User Migration Path to Microsoft .NET (JUMP to .NET) is a set of independently developed technologies and service offerings that enable programmers to preserve, enhance, and migrate Java-language projects onto the Microsoft .NET platform.
  2. This is a really good motivation by MS.
  3. The title should be j++ not java.j++ isn't java at least not if you're using all the com/dcom or windows foundation classes. Sorry not impressed.
  4. I think MS is talking about moving code from Java to C#, not
  5. You mean that of the few people out there that actually ever used J++, some still have J++ apps deployed?

    Surprising Microsoft is actually supporting one of their dead technologies...

    Hopefully J++ users learned their lesson the first time.
  6. Dave
    Read the article. It's a bunch of crap. M$ is talking about tools to migrate j++ code and "teach" java coders how to use .net all in one article hoping to confuse you.
    Jeff Anderson
  7. Sad in certain ways. The best Java IDE is now gone forever.
  8. What is the best java IDE? InterDev? Please!!
  9. This article is CRAP all the way!
    How can Microsoft even talk about XML-based Web Services when they once again have proved that they don´t understand the concept of open standards and ONCE AGAIN have made their own non-standard-compliant hybrid called "Microsoft XML".
    As for the rest, why would someone ever wan´t to convert portable Java code into Microsoft platform specific...things like C#.
  10. This thread : might also be of interest in the - J2EE vs M$ .NET debate...