XHTML based editor on a servlet based application?


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  1. Hi Serverside Gurus,

    I happened a see a webapplication at a place and was pretty impressed with the presentation. The application allowed the user to click on a table cell and as soon as the user clicks on the cell, it becomes a TEXT BOX and allows the user to enter the data and when the focus is lost from the text box, the data became static. This was possible for any cell on the table and the table had facility to have dynamic number of rows depending on the previous search screen.

    The developer didn't tell me how it was built except saying, the presentation is manipulated using an XHTML - based editor. I am aware that the webapplication is based on STRUTS/JSP/Servlets platform.

    I did some google search on XHTML based editor but couldn't find any concrete design pattern that would allow me to simulate that on my web application. I would appreciate if someone can light up the candle here...
  2. Hi;
    You require to have a bit of javascript/dhtml stuff to do something like that,where you can dynimicallty update HTML or data inside any element in an html document.
  3. Hi u can try this one