jManage 1.0, JMX client, released


News: jManage 1.0, JMX client, released

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    jManage 1.0, an open source web- and console-enabled JMX client, has been released. jManage provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application environments. jManage goes beyond an ordinary JMX client by providing features like Alerts, Graphs, Security, SNMP support, and more. The jManage mission is to provide an open source management platform, which can be used to manage and monitor complete production environment.

    Following is a list of new features in 1.0:
    • Graphs
    • Alerts
    • Basic SNMP support
    • Support for Open MBean types: CompositeData and TabularData
    • Framework to define DataFormat objects for custom classes. See and under config.
    • Support for external login modules (JAAS based with name and password callback)
    • Changes to application type management (introduced application-type-config.xml)
    • Changed jmanage startup to use jetty-config.xml. This moves the jmanage port configuration and also the SSL configuration to jetty-config.xml. Please refer Jetty documentation to modify this file.
    • Added exception handling for JSPs
    • Added support for viewing XML files
    • New components based source structure. The build is now done using Maven.

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    I added JManage to the Javapedia wiki:
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    Congratulations to the jManage developers.

    I've been trying out various jManage releases for quite some time and have to say that the jManage project has been extremely responsive to bug reports, suggestions, and feedback in general.

    jManage fills an important niche in that there was no freely available general JMX HTML console before this point. [Yes, I know about JBoss' console, but last I knew you couldn't just install it and point to any JVM with an active JSR 160 connector. Sun has a JMX HTML console, but it's wrapped up in a commercial offering.]
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    Thanks Jess !

    We are now starting the work on the 1.5 release which will add features like dashboards, connector framework (for non JMX applications), improved SNMP support and more. If anyone would like to contribute, please send an email to team at jmanage dot org. Also, if as a user, you would like to see more features, please submit them as feature requests at

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    This is great new for all monitoring their applications using JMX! In particular, this is one more way to access MessAdmin exposed WebApp data.
    Congratulations to the jManage team!
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    Nice tool. Easy to use, secured, two-left-hand-enabled :)
    Thanks guys.