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    Looking at the rate at which the number of threads are growing in each of the forum, I think it might be a good idea to provide a forum based search option or categorize the results based on the forum.


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    Me too searched for this option!
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         That would be a really nice feature. I am not sure what would be involved in writing that feature. Right now, our search engine was plug and play. All it does is spider the site and installing it required no custom code.

         What you are proposing is a database driven search application. Does anyone have any data on what is involved with building such a thing? Wouldn't partial text searches on large TEXT fields in a database be ultra slow?

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    Hi Floyd,

    Database driven search is faster and is a cleaner design than using a spider.
    Since you consider this site as a demonstration of J2EE features or powers or whatever, than it really contrasts with a spider search.

    Because if you use spider search then the question is why bother keeping information in relational database.
    You can get better performance by appending replies to a per-thread file.
    And it would be easier to use the spider, too.
    Some PERL lovers would consider that a no-brainer, and they can easily get better performance than whatever J2EE app server for this particular situation.

    You wouldn't do that on a real commerce site, would you ?

    So consider it a challenge, to really prove your concepts and ideas about J2EE.
    Sure thing, for the current volume of information, a spider search is enough, so it's up to you if you're ready to take that challenge.

    In a general database driven application the user should be able to specify search criteria on all relevant information stored there, like in this case forum, date_created, date_last_replied, Author Name and so on, and last but not least, based on words in a text.

    Of course, some databases don't support building text based indices but this can be overcome by a good database designer by writing some stored procedures/triggers, to do that manually.