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        My self Abhijit.
    I would like to know whether we can debug .js on WSAD 5.1 / RAD 6.0. I have debugged scriptlet in jsp. <%=%>.
    But i want to debug .js file.
    If yes how to debug.

        Please help me.


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    1)Hi these is the link which is very helpfull to u for debugging jsp's
    and debugging script u can use venkman tool.

      2.)Clarke Scott just posted about some free tools that could be found at While I was there I noticed an article about JavaScript debugging and decided to see if there was anything new there. (A direct link to the article is I have never seen this technique for debugging JavaScript before and it will be a true time saver for me to help debug all the JavaScript we do in our apps.
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    Look at the Venkman debugger from Mozilla
    which works with Firefox or the Mozilla browser.
    It allows you to step through your code, query variable values, etc.

    Also, on a more general browser debugging scope, install the Web Developer extension for Firefox.