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    Hi friends,
     I am trying to deploy an entity bean(Bean-managed) with the J2EE Server and SQL Server as the database on a remote machine. The example is the Account one given in the J2EE documentation.
    xserver is the dsn name.
    jdbc/MyServer is the JNDI name.
    The JNDI name for the bean is MyAccount.

    Then I deployed the bean with the Application Deployment Tool. But, as the deployment got completed, it gave also gave an error stating error
    AccountAppClient.jar not found
    I had checked the checkbox for Return ClientJAR.
    Still, it gave me this error.

    Plz help.

  2. You may not be sending the jar to a appropriate

    or set the classpath in your build file
    which you run.
  3. 1) my code creates problem when it enters getConnection() it's not able to return DataSource object instead it's giving ClassCast & NamingException?
    i suppose there is some problem in environment enteries or the parameter which we are passing in the lookup().

    same code i have executed without making using the environment enteries i,e with DriverManager.getConnection() & Class.forName() & it's working fine.

    2) is it always necessary to create a connectionpool for a BMP bean like we do in CMP?

    can anyone suggest me wat to do?

    sumit khanna

    [email protected]
  4. Could u please elaborate about ur problem...Is it occuring when u run the client program???
    If so, then it could be because, it is not able to find the Client jar file which contains all the class files, xml files and other jar file. Once u set the path for this jar file along with the j2ee.jar file, this problem goes away.

    Hope it works fine for u.

    All the best.