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    WebWork in Action is a book that walks through the WebWork framework, beginning with the basics of using WebWork continuing all the way through the interceptor and component models of WebWork. This introductory walkthrough of WebWork exposes you to the core ideas behind WebWork, providing a basis for diving further into the capabilities of the framework. With WebWork being accepted into the Struts family as Struts Ti, chances are that many developers will be able to use this information as a quick step into a future version of Struts.

    Read WebWork in Action.

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    O Yay!
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    just keep backward compatibility. we have millions invested in struts
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    just keep backward compatibility. we have millions invested in struts

    I assure you, the Struts project is committed to backwards compatibility as we ourselves have Struts Action 1.x projects deployed and teams trained that won't be going anywhere. In fact, you may find the presentation Ted and I gave at JavaOne this last week useful: http://opensource2.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/download/attachments/728/struts-2006-2.pdf

    And if you are interested in the next generation of Struts, I highly recommend this book. I have a copy myself, and despite having a good level of familiarity with the code, find it invaluable for explaining how things fit together and best practices for building applications on WebWork. The writing is clear and easy to read, and the examples detailed and helpful. While WebWork will continue to undergo changes as it merges with Struts, we plan to bring WebWork in as is for the most part, then build support for popular Struts features like Validation and Tiles. If you want to know what Struts Action 2.0 will look like, read this book.

    Don Brown (Struts Committer/PMC)
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    i think that its a good new
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    Just finished reading the excerpt - looks promising on the java/struts front. I'd keep an eye out for Ruby on Rails though - reading all of the config files that need to be touched to make things happen in struts always bugged me (unfortunately, WebWork doesn't seem much different). I'm not on any soap box or trying to start any flame war, but Ruby on Rails is definitely something to check out.