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News: TSSJS 2006 Session Schedule Finalized

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    TheServerSide Java Symposium 2006 session schedule has been posted. This edition of TSSJS features 48 break-out sessions, 3 keynotes, 2 panels, an evening of BOFs, and a new speaker line-up, presenting something of value to developers across the Java spectrum. Geir Magnusson Jr., Dr. Heinz Kabutz and Bruce Tate are presenting at TSSJS for the first time on the advanced features of Java, Apache Geronimo, the Harmony project and the future of Java. Linda DeMichiel, Gregor Hohpe and Rod Johnson, are returning this year to present on EJB 3.0, SOA and the Spring framework.

    Other session topics to be covered include testing, domain driven design, web frameworks such as RIFE and JSF, portals, content repository usage, agile development, advanced architecture, and more. Check it out!
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    one for the greasemonkey i reckon ;)