2005 a Watershed Year for OpenSource


News: 2005 a Watershed Year for OpenSource

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    Sarah Lacy of Yahoo News has written an article on the development of the opensource movement in 2005. In her report, she notes that 2005 was the year that CIOs started signing off on open-source projects signaling a change from when opensouce was the exclusive low-level engineers.

    The report uses data from two different sources, Opteros (a consulting firm) and BusinessWeek Online. Operos conducted a study where they found that 87% of organizations in their study group are now using open-source software. BusinessWeek Online polled experts, investors, early adopters, and entrepreneurs to determine the five biggest open-source events of 2005 and what we could expect to see in 2006. Their responses:
    • Red Hat proves that it can make money from free software. Furthermore, Wall Street is bullish about next years prospects for the coming year.
    • Sun Microsystem open sourcing everything except for Java. Several experts expect that Sun may opensource Java in 2006.
    • Motorola announced that Linux would be its standard operating system for the bulk of its future phones. If Open Source Development Labs makes good progess on a mobile version of Linux then 2006 may see other handset makers join Motorola.
    • Firefox goes mainstream as it marked it's 1,000,000 downloads in October. Many now believe that Linux desktop programs will be popular in emerging countries in Asia and South America.
    • Venture capitalists started investing in open source to the tune of an estimated $400 million USD. The expectation is that these open source product and support companies will have to put up some numbers in 2006 or they won't be able to raise money in 2006.
    The report declares 2005 to be a good year for open source and things look good for that success to continue on in 2006. With open source being so pervasive, can you imagine a world without it?
  2. Very true. Infact, we recently redeveloped a Vignette based site using an open source CMS - OpenCMS. It is a public facing site of a bank and the client has been extremely satisfied with the outcome so far. Using OpenCMS, we have been able to implement all the features that were done using Vignette.

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    Agreed,This movement will continue this yr too.Last year many Proprietary Portals where migrated to various opensource portals,same with the case of CMS and App servers.
    With Increasing popularity of Linux in both desktop and server front,Sun did a good job by opensourcing Solaris when nothing Great was happening on Solaris.This laid the foundation for sun to opensource JES.