Dear All

You can find GenAndRun 0.1.1 released today.

In this release, our major feature is the implementation of Rail's ActiveController using Beanshell for dynamic scripting. It offers a server-non-stop straight-through
program modification and update function and hence greatly reduces the tedious procedure of starting/stopping application server and program compilation during development. We would like to hear from you whether it hits your wishlist or it misses. Should we go further to implement Rails' ActiveRecord?

Java and ruby are quite different where Java is much less dynamic than Ruby. We just want to try how far can we go to / should we go to create a more dynamic / intelligent Java development environment, like ActiveController and ActiveRecord.

We all understand that man can not fly but tools (like kitewing or gliding parachute) we can try how far can we go.

We must thank all those spent time to try GenAndRun. Since our first rollout in December 2005, we have received many valuable comments, positive and negative. It is because of your concern and support that we are encouraged to improve our work.

The binary, source code and documentation for 0.1.1 can be found at GenAndRun Home.

Oscar Lee
Xenium NEST
Hong Kong