Combining itext and JPedal for PDF handling in Java


News: Combining itext and JPedal for PDF handling in Java

  1. JPedal is a 100% Java library designed to ease the integration of pdf files into any work flow, concentrating on the easy display, manipulation and extraction of content. In this tutorial, see how to bring iText - a library for creating and manipulating PDFs, including encryption and signing - and JPedal together to leverage both APIs.

    They have very complimentary features, so it would be great to be able to easily combine them together.

    This tutorial explains how bring them together, using JPedal as a GUI platform from which to access itext functions.

    This webstart application shows how they can be put together to provide viewing, forms saving, splitting and a whole lot more in one application.
  2. Pedal in french means gay.
    Maybe you can find anoter name?
  3. Pedal in french means gay.Maybe you can find anoter name?
    So it is a joyous API?
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    I'm french. I'm gay. I like the name.
  5. It stands for Java PDF Extraction Decoding and Access Library.

    Its impossible to find a word which does not have some other menaing in any language.
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  8. Pedal in Polish also means gay.
  9. Pedal in Polish also means gay.
    Is it actually spelled like that? I've only heard it and it sounded more like "pedau" or something..
  10. Is it actually spelled like that? I've only heard it and it sounded more like "pedau" or something..

    Actually the word you're talking about is spelled 'Pedał', and it sounds "pedau" indeed.
  11. Pedal is an integral part of the bicycle that helps the user move forward. So its not all gayish connotation and so from that perspective, jpedal helps pdf users move forward using java.
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    To pedal in Spanish means to have sex with someone. The Spanish verb is pedalear, as in pedaling a bicycle.

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    I thought I'd throw my $0.02 into this otherwise very meaningful discussion about JPedal.


  13. Who would have thought that a thread on PDF related librairies would degenerate to sexual discussions ...

    Presumably more interesting than the usual .NET vs Java threads :o)
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    Why would anyone be concerned about a gay API - oh ! I get it. When you people say 'gay', you mean 'homosexual'. Gutless marketeering punks ;0

    Back on topic, does JPedal make it easier to create PDFs ? My problem with iText is that its API (I'm not sure whether it is homosexual) for doing that is clumsy and poorly documented ...
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    JPedal is not a PDF creation tool. There are already a huge number of those out there.