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    I am trying to start the weblogic server using ant.I used the following command:
    <taskdef name="wlserver" classname="">
    <pathelement location="${BEA_HOME}/weblogic81/server/lib/weblogic.jar" />
    <wlserver username="weblogic" password="weblogic" failonerror="false" servername="myserver" domainname="rwadomain" dir="${BEA_HOME}/user_projects/domains/rwadomain" host="localhost" port="7001" weblogichome="${BEA_HOME}/weblogic81" beahome="${BEA_HOME}" policy="${BEA_HOME}\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.policy" />

    But it is giving me an error that java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/Server

    I also tried the following command:
    <java classname="weblogic.Server" fork="yes" classpathref="weblogic.classes" failonerror="true">
    <sysproperty key="weblogic.Domain" value="rwadomain"></sysproperty>
    <sysproperty key="weblogic.RootDirectory" value="C:\bea\user_projects\domains\rwadomain"></sysproperty>
    <sysproperty key="weblogic.ConfigFile" value="config.xml"></sysproperty>
    <sysproperty key="weblogic.ListenAddress" value="localhost"></sysproperty>
    <sysproperty key="weblogic.ListenPort" value="7001"></sysproperty>
    <arg line="-ms200m -mx200m"></arg>

    But the problem with this command is that it does not reurn control to execute the further commands.
    Please suggest something.
    Thanks in advance

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  2. why using ant[ Go to top ]

    I do not Understand why you use ant to set all the properties and classPath of weblogic. You know, weblogic has many configuration that is passing to JVM, You can find all of them by following all line of startup.bin and other files that it refers to them. But be sure you cannot properely do it, try to execute startup.bat explicitly.