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    I have decided to use the J2EE platform do develop a web application for a university project. I am limited to using Win98, Win 2000 or Linux operating sytems and free or open source application servers and databases.

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with more experience then me (the vast majority of you!) could give me some advice on the best combination of these for J2EE development. By 'best' I am thinking mostly in terms of a balance between performance and user-friendliness for development.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. orion's app server is free (
    cloudscape database is free (

    both work in win 2000. i've played with both on win 2000.

    ide and debugging environments may be difficult using free tools.

    have fun!
  3. Jboss ( is a pretty good J2EE server. It comes with the open source database HyperSonic and instantdb. It supports a lot of commecrcial databases as well.

    Jboss is very easy to get going with, and does not require massive hardware to run.

    In the current version there is no support for clustering and failover though.