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    I developed an ejb application. I developed a universal test client.
    The business logic method which i have written is argumented. When we are testing ejb applicatin with Universal test client, i should see text box to enter value for that arguments. But i am not getting that provision.

    The method definition is like this:

        private long [] employeeIDs = { 10010, 10023, 10045, 10051, 10061 };
        private String [] employees = {"Frank", "Sam", "Maddy", "Jack", "Lorette" };

        public String getEmployeeName( long employeeID )
                    throws javax.ejb.CreateException, java.rmi.RemoteException
            for ( int i=0; i < employees.length; i++ )
                if ( employeeIDs[ i ] == employeeID )
                    return employees[ i ];
            return "ramesh";

    Please help me. Thanks in advance
  2. How could people help you with so little info? There are just so many places that could be messed up in EJB app. Good luck.