Java version of EnterFind Search Engine released


News: Java version of EnterFind Search Engine released

  1. Java version of EnterFind Search Engine released (1 messages) LLC has released the software version of its EnterFind Network Search Appliance. The EnterFind Search Engine is available as a standard Java Web Application compatible with many Java application servers. It has been designed to index and search documents on a corporate network including standard network file shares, Intranet and Internet web and FTP servers, enterprise databases and other content locations. This can be done on demand or on scheduled basis, as desired.

    EnterFind can access Windows network shares directly and be authenticated by standard Windows access control mechanisms. EnterFind can index HTTP content (Internet and Intranet web servers) as well.

    EnterFind supports many document types including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD DWG and many other formats. EnterFind can also search table and column data in many popular enterprise databases.

    If so desired, EnterFind can cache the contents of the documents so they can be accessed directly from an EnterFind Appliance or a server hosting EnterFind Search Engine.

    EnterFind provides a simple Web interface - a search page. Advanced features include result sorting and filtering, hit highlighting, synonyms and spelling corrections. The end user search page can be customized to match company's existing usability standards.

    EnterFind also provides Web Services-based API to allow programmers search the network documents from their own applications. Anything capable to consume a standard Web Service can be an EnterFind client.

    Exclusive to TSS members - download an evaluation WAR file at
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